Radio Jingle (30-Sec)



  • Write the Script for your Radio Jingle, Record your Script in a Studio, Send us all of your Studio Acapella Stems for your Mixtape, Demo, LP, or Album via to
  • We will then create the background music, blend your acapella’s, tempo match your vocals, and mix and scratch them into background music
  • Sound Fx and Mixdown
  • Send you back completed .WAV and .Mp3 versions

Looking for top-shelf Audio Production?  You found it. Original Jingles and Music Branding, full blown Radio and TV Spot Production, Voiceovers for any application and more.  And did we mention affordability?  Yeah, we do that too.

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COF Media (424) 276-0520
Booking Policy
Cancellation Policy: To cancel or reschedule, please give us 24-hour notice. Thank you.