Online Mixing & Mastering (8-hrs)


Mixing and Mastering Process

The need to ensure that our production services are seamless and stress free to those who require it, be it mixing and mastering or simply to only mix your music online we have come up with a comprehensive way in which all the services that are required are handled in a stress free and seamless manner.

Below are four easy steps which explain how it works and our process explained.


To avail yourself of our mixing and mastering services, the most important step is recording and producing your musical composition from any studio, any place on earth! It does not matter if you are in a home studio or professional, no matter who records you, no matter what you use, I can ensure high definition professional sound quality. Wherever you are, in the world the best and first way to access our online mastering service, is to create that particular music or custom beats you have in mind.


Haven recorded the music or beat, ensure that a compressed zip folder of your Pro Tools sessions, or individual stems of each track is available to be sent. After which you can then send on to my email (I send invoice through PayPal, and handle all other needs.)


We made our online mixing and mastering process simple as possible, with a proven formula. I perfect and make sure the music is crisp, big, and full. I then send you back a completed product. I do all that is needed to polish and make sure the music is radio ready, EVERY TIME. I go much further than making a record sound good I add elements and effects to enhance the sound through my online audio mixing and mastering process.


Download the final mix/masters and break down the mix. You can then make any changes you deem fit free of charge. It is that simple. Try my services and I can assure 100% satisfaction. The chances are that you cannot find better audio mixer online or quality for a better price ANYWHERE on earth. Sounds too good to be true? Well, try it out and let me prove to you why my services are number One. The main aim of COF Media is to ensure that the mixing and mastering services we offer are top notch among others who mix music online.